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How Do I Order a skirDIY?

SkirDIYs are not available for purchase... yet. We're working with clothing consultants and manufactureres to bring this idea to market.


How Much Does a skirDIY Cost?


We are working with fabric sourcing companies and manufacturing options to bring a quality U.S. made fashion craft at a competitive price to market.


If you want one of my home-sewn versions, they are $45 each. 


How Does It Work?


Making your skirDIY is easy, fun and requires zero glue! 

  1. Place your waistband on a flat surface, Velcro side up.

  2. Pick a fabric strip and place it on the waistband, securing it with Velcro sides together.

  3. Repeat until you get the look you want.

  4. Wear! (And enjoy, fashionista!)


You will need to cut the strips to the desired length when you first receive your package. 


How Do I Wash My SkirDIY?


Since these are handmade items, they aren’t quite as sturdy as the professionally manufactured versions I envision down the road. But let’s be real; kids are dirty! So I tested out some various washing techniques and found the following to be best at reducing the fray.


  1. Place the fabric skirt strips into one of those zippered mesh pouches meant for “delicates.”

  2. Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water and low spin speed.

  3. Then, air dry.


​What is the Plan for SkirDIY?

I want to turn my home-sewn idea into a retail product. If my plan works out, you'll be able to purchase a skirDIY online by Summer 2016.  


Want to invest? I'm looking for investors who can offer the right mentorship and funding in exchange for company equity. Let's talk.


I'm currently working with clothing design, packaging and manufacturing companies. Follow my journey on Instagram!





One of our first clients LOVES to twirl in her skirDIY! 

This adorable little lady and her mom share their skirDIY making activity - from start to finish. 

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