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Hi, I'm Heather. Just your average modern day working mom trying to balance work, life and family. 


The idea for the skirDIY came to me (in a dream) while I was on maternity leave. After making a fabric skirt for my daughter's monthly snapshots and completing several Pinterest-inspired sewing projects, a good friend of mine asked if I would make a skirt for her daughter's birhtday. Her request got me thinking and — voila! — the skirDIY was created.


Now I'm on a journey to transform my idea into a retail product that's available for purchase on an eCommerce site and in select stores. 


Want to invest? I'm looking for investors who can offer the right kind of mentorship and funding in return for company equity. Let's talk. 


You can follow the skirDIY journey on Instagram here: @skirDIY.

The skirDIY: How It Works


This do-it-yourself fashion craft is designed to unleash creativity in kids and adults. Each starter set comes with everything you need to make a fabulous fashion accessory:


  • 3 sets (8 pieces each) of coordinating cotton fabric strips 

  • 1 set (6 pieces) of "special" fabric strips, like gltter tulle or chiffon

  • 1 set (6 pieces) of "embellishments," such as coordinating ribbon or rick rack


Simply mix and match your skirDIY strips onto the adjustable waistband. With so many colors and patterns, there's no limit to what you can make. Plus, you can always get more pieces to match virtually anything!   


What's cool? Kids become instant fashionistas and parents feel good letting their littles unleash their creativity - no glue required!  


Here's the gist:

The skirDIY Plan


I want to transform skirDIY into a manufactured retail product that’s available for purchase on an eCommerce site, in select boutiques and, someday, in national retailers and craft stores.


I'm currently consulting with clothing design, packaging and manufacturing companies. To follow the skirDIY journey from idea to retail product, follow me on Instagram @skirdiy.


Looking ahead, I want to build a family-friendly business that enables parents the flexibility they need to raise their families while feeling good about the contributions they make professionally. When skirDIY begins making a profit, a portion of every purchase will go back into the community. I'll most likely support a couple causes that are near and dear to my family: St. Jude and Stray Rescue. 


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