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SkirDIY is a do-it-yourself fashion craft designed to unleash creativity in kids and adults.


Give your kids the gift of creativity. Allow them to create their own fashion skirt by mixing and matching colorful fabric patterns and textures onto an adjustable waistband. It's easy to make, comes in a wide variety of styles and is the perfect activity for young fashionistas!


Kids can wear SkirDIY for special milestone photos or just to play dress up around the house. Plus, it pairs perfectly over leggings or bike shorts.


Heather Bartel, SkirDIY creator, is in the process of turning this home-sewn idea into a retail product.


Kids Become Instant Fashionistas!

Parents love SkirDIY because it gives ther kids creative freedom and keeps them busy. Plus, the fashion craft is easy to make, requires no glue and can be made again and again. The process is easy:


  1. PIck a fabric strip.

  2. Place it on the adjustable SkirDIY waistband, 

  3. Mix and match fabrics for a unique look.

  4. Wear. (Twirl!)

  5. Pull it apart and make it again!


Join Our VIP Team! 


As we get ready for a Fall 2019 launch, sign up now to join our VIP Team. The first 50 to do so will receive early access and a special discount.

If you know any kiddos who would like a SkirDIY, please spread the word! Anyone who is on our list before we launch will be part of something extra special. ~H

How It Works


This do-it-yourself fashion craft is designed to unleash creativity in kids and adults. Each starter set comes with everything you need to make a fashionable skirt:


  • 1 elastic SkirDIY waistband

  • 3 sets (8 pieces each) of coordinating cotton fabric strips 

  • 1 set (8 pieces) of "special" fabric strips, like glitter tulle or chiffon

  • 1 set (8 pieces) of "embellishments," such as coordinating ribbon or rick rack


Simply mix and match your SkirDIY strips onto the adjustable waistband. We will continuously come out with new colors and patterns so there's no limit to what you can make, or match!


Kids become instant fashionistas and parents feel good letting their littles unleash their creativity - no glue required!  


The Plan for SkirDIY, Inc.


With your support, we'll transform SkirDIY from a home-sewn idea into a retail product that will be available for purchase online, in select boutiques and maybe someday in national retailers.


I'm currently consulting with clothing design, packaging and manufacturing companies. To follow the SkirDIY journey, follow us on Instagram @SkirDIY.


Looking ahead, my goal is to build a family-friendly business "with heart" that gives parents the flexibility they need to raise their families while feeling good about the contributions they make professionally. Over time, we will grow our team with a focus on our mission to unleash creativity in kids and adults. 


When SkirDIY begins making a profit, a portion of every purchase will go back into the community.  

Hi, I'm Heather, the creator of SkirDIY. I'm a working mom doing my best to balance a full-time career (I love) as a marketing professional, exciting life adventures, and a raising family. 


The idea for the SkirDIY literally came to me in a dream while I was on maternity leave in late 2015. After making a fabric skirt for my daughter's monthly snapshots and completing several Pinterest-inspired sewing projects, a good friend of mine asked if I would make a skirt for her daughter's birthday. Her request got me thinking and — voila! — the SkirDIY was created.


Now I'm on the journey to transform my (literal) dream into a retail product that moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and caregivers who value creativity and good fun can gift the aspiring fashionistas in their lives.  


Want to help? Join our VIP Team and spread the word to your family and friends. Every little bit helps.


You can also follow the SkirDIY journey on Instagram: @skirDIY.

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